First Titanium Mobile developer Conference held in US

titanium developer conferenceMobile developers from all around the world joined in and participated as the first titanium Mobile developer conference was recently held in the US. Held in the final week of June, the titanium Mobile developer conference was a two day nonprofit affair aimed at discussing and learning the titanium Mobile developer platform and Alloy. Various talks, conferences, workshops and other social events where held in which titanium Mobile developers met and exchanged notes and listened to speeches from stalwarts in the mobile development business. The event was a great success, and everyone who attended gained tremendous exposure and knowledge about the titanium Mobile development platform and how it can be used and tweaked to create great business applications, and became aware of the latest trends and developments in the field. Continue reading

Difference between open source and closed source software models

The basic difference is the accessibility of source code. In a very layman term, open source allows easy access of source code to general public that can be edited and re-released in a customized format. An end-user in open source is allowed to play around with the software. Under closed source or proprietary programs model, the compiled code is not available for tinkering to the general users.

A summary of the core difference between the two models are as below

1. Cost: For the discerning mind, the chief differentiator is the price point at which both softwares are sold. Open source software is always cheaper than the licensed (or closed source) versions

2. Customization: Open source model allows and facilitates altering the source code to match individual requirement. Closed source on the other hand release the final application without releasing the code thereby restricting the access and editing of the program.

3. Community support: Open source has a very wide community support as compared to proprietary software tech support where the original software developers undertake to maintain and regularly update the software

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