I will Develop my e-Book within 30 Days

ebook-blogYes, we start this blog with a positive thought. But just like other positive things in life, this thought needs commitment and taking little steps a day, to build an eventual positive outcome. Developing an e-book is no different. Many authors may get a bit rattled at the thought of investing significant time in developing an e-book. With the scale of research and constant collaboration with client involved, content producers may not be absolutely thrilled at the prospect of developing e-book. Continue reading

Insanely Easy Tips to Propel your Blog’s Visibility

Increase blog visibilityContent is the key marketing weapon in helping an online business stand apart in an overcrowded competitive landscape. While many business owners and their marketing team work hard to create engaging content, they are often intrigued by the query – How to get readers for your content?

The ugly truth

More than 98% of the blog readers won’t be interested in your sales message propagation. They won’t even be interested to know what you do. What they will be most interested to know in a blog is

What is in it for them?

Yes, this is the stark truth that content production agencies and their clients need to understand. If your content revolves round this query, it has better chances of consumption. Having established this essential need, lets now look at various ways in which you can build your readership base and get improved visibility for your blog –

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