5 Advanced Forms of Content for Insane Conversions

Summary – You observe that there is significant traffic to your website/blog. But does your website contain intriguing content that simply fascinates the reader and pique their interest, prompting them to come back again for more?  If no, then this blog is just for you.

Reading time – 6-7 mins

Who is it for – Internet marketing agencies, content writing agencies, Digital marketing companies

Creating content is easy. But tailoring the content to be uunique fresh, insightful, and attractive at the same time? Now that’s real talent. But what does it really entail to create content that increases your readership?

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6 Reasons Why Brochures Matter in Marketing

Summary – A brochure is an important marketing asset with its powerful persuasive potential. Here’s why a brochure should be a key weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Reading Time – 5-6 mins

Who is it for – Branding agencies, Digital marketing agencies, print marketing companies, business owners looking for new leads.

There’s a reason why salespersons hand out brochures that often comes in trifold or booklets. Among the many purposes it serves, the primary reason is that this little piece of paper is the face and salesperson of your business. A brochure with a subtle sales persuasive content is a good bet to enable conversions among total strangers. A brochure opens up a communication channel between prospects and your brand.

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5 Benefits of Long-form Content

Summary – See why long-form content is a good strategy to drive conversations and engagement with customers. These benefits will prompt you to incorporate long-form content in your marketing plan.  

Reading time – 5-6 mins

Who is it for – content marketing agencies, content writing agencies, online business owners

Long-form content is often perceived as a tiring task upon the reader and widely misunderstood for ‘lengthy content’. But the truth is far from it. There is a subtle yet colossal difference between the two. While lengthy content doesn’t serve any purpose to the reader, long form content contains a rich source of in-depth information meant to help readers with their specific problems.

Whether it’s a story, a press bit or even a customer review, long-form relevant content is proven to be more palatable and profitable for content marketers. Here are few benefits to show why long-form content weighs more than short formats.

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8 Insanely Effective Ways to Complete Proofreading Faster

Summary – Proofreading is often considered a laborious task in the content writing activity. Learn how to apply these 8 tips and make proofreading much more faster and much more effective.

Reading time – 4 mins

Who is it for – Content writing agencies, content marketing agencies, digital marketing companies, SEO firms.

Writing clearly and precisely has always been a top-most concern for web content writers. Publishing a write-up with grammatical or spelling errors may make your readers annoyed, ending up increasing the chances of discarded readings. Performing the proofreading process can help you avoid such embarrassments and assist in building a strong reputation in front of your regular visitors. Many a time, writers may not be able to proofread their write-ups just because they are running short of time or have deadline pressures.

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How to Promote Your E-Book and Make it Visible for Potential Readers?

Summary – E-books can be a great content medium to attract customers’ attention. However for this, promoting your e-book correctly using the below approaches is crucial. These approaches are broken down to align with the different stages of sales funnel for better efficacy

Reading Time – 6 min

Who is it for – Content marketing agencies, digital marketing agencies, and e-book publishers

Writing an E-book requires substantial efforts, and motivation, but managing its visibility and making it available to potential readers is a bigger challenge in the overcrowded digital space.  Marketers make numerous efforts to make your E-book gets entitled as the next game-changing content piece, but the entire strategy might experience no result because of your carelessness. If your content piece hasn’t been promoted efficiently, then no one will ever see, click, download, or read it.

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Why Content Marketing is A Better Alternative to Advertising

Summary – It is not necessary to depend solely on advertising to connect your brand with total strangers and enable sales. Content marketing will drive the same outcomes but only at a fraction of the costs. How? Read on!

Reading Time – 5 mins

Who is it for – Online marketing agencies, digital marketing agencies, content writing agencies, online business owners.

Why get listed in search engine results? An average of 694,000 searches are made on Google each second and it makes sense to index your website so you can generate meaningful leads. And there are two ways you can get listed in search engine results, namely, organic, and paid results. But search engines are designed for the user more than so for the advertiser. So whether your website comes up in the search results or not depends on the landing page, its content, and its relevance to the user.

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