Dos and Don’ts to Write a Killer “About Us” Page and Drive Conversions

The window to snatch a visitor’s attention on your website content is small. If they don’t find any reason to stay within the first few seconds then chances are there you could lose them. Your About us page website content and designing is the chance to attract them and make them stay on your site. So the company’s introductory page should be sticky enough that website visitors won’t leave after reading a compelling piece of copywriting.

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Top 5 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

Writing meaningful and viral content for your blog is the most important factor when trying to get traffic to your site. You don’t expect people to come and stay to a blog that lacks depth or quality.  It’s proven that if you want consistent and qualified search traffic then you should avoid copying others’ content and use your creativity in writing blog content.

Let’s learn how content writing experts grow blog traffic by implementing the following strategies.

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5 Tips to Build a Compelling Blog Headline

A book is known by its cover. In the same way, a good piece of content, if it is supported by a sound catchy headline, adds to its existing value. The headline not only summarizes the content, but it also helps in boosting the readership of the page. Hence, headlines add the much-needed edge and value to any good write up. Here are some simple steps to keep in mind while creating an effective headline for any blog or content.

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6 Free Tools and Resources Used by Content Writing Companies

There was once a time when the typewriter was only the piece of machinery a writer had at his disposal. But now, the world of internet opens another wide world of several apps, resources, and tools which a writer can use to make his content’s quality exceptional. Content writing companies can vouch that the task can be challenging for some because the content not only needs to be top-notch but should be well-articulated and unique. Additionally, every writer has a different form and style of writing and needs to craft his content accordingly. Therefore, the tools and resources which a writer uses for his content development services differ from person to person. Continue reading

How Content Writing Agencies can Augment e-Commerce Business Topline?

It took India only a decade or so in the 21st century to step up with other nations when it came to developing a digital base for market and promoting E-commerce. The challenge back then continues to stand in the way even after years of advancement i.e. generating enough traffic on their websites and to cultivate the very essence of e-commerce into the customer’s mind. This in turn, would help to generate sustained interest and engagement for the online retail site. Continue reading