6 Amazing Blog Writing Tips to Grow Your Client Base

Are you passionate about writing or do you want to help brands engage with their customer? Then blogging is for you. Blogging derives its origin from the two words “web” and “log”. Whether you are new to blog writing or an experienced blogger, there are some basic rules to follow in order to have your blog read by many people. If you are interested to know about these rules, then you are at the right place.

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Tips To Make Readers Read Your Blog

Summary – Getting the site visitors and total strangers to read your entire blog and then act upon the call to action is one of the biggest challenges for content writing companies. Check out these tips on how to retain reader attention so that they read till the very end.

Reading time – 5 mins

Who is it for – Content writing agencies, Digital marketers, Content marketing agencies, blog developers

Getting target visitors to read your entire blog post is simply challenging in today’s times of short attention span and explosion of content online. While most of them will catch a glimpse and share it with others, just a handful of them will actually read through. Finding dedicated readers for your blog post remains a top challenge for content writing companies.

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How to Get Started with Outsourcing your Content Writing

Summary: This blog takes a look at the very next step after you have decided to outsource content writing. It covers internal content strategy and right kind of briefing to make the outsourcing exercise successful

Reading duration: 5 mins

Who is it for: Online Marketers, CEOs, Digital Media Agencies

Today’s digital ecosystem and the reach of internet across the world has led to several specialized services to come up for achieving specific KRAs. Be it social media marketing, SEO, or content writing, these industries exist for a specific need.

Challenges of an in-house content team

If we talk about content writing, many businesses would invest in keeping an in-house team. However the challenges in this operational model are immediately visible.

  • The talent sourcing, hiring, and retention process is a massive HR drain
  • The QA process needs to be built from scratch and many a time it will be on a trial-and-error basis, which can prove to be a costly option for startups and SMEs.
  • The responsibility of workflow efficiency and continuous process improvement too needs the attention of senior leadership
  • What happens when there is an influx of volume bigger than your internal capacity?


Imagine if all these valuable resources’ time and efforts (senior leadership, HR) were suddenly freed up to focus on core business strategies and growth options?

This is the biggest USP of outsourcing your content writing needs.

By outsourcing your content writing needs, you ensure that you continue getting the same high quality work, but at a fraction of the cost

Statistics show that 76% of the companies will increasingly focus on content marketing. This means that there will be renewed focus on content writing. As the focus on content creation intensifies, it will be difficult to keep the increased volume in-house. This calls for getting the right partner in content writing services to align to your performance and quality expectations.

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Writing a Blog Post – Start Simple, Be Effective

In this era of content boom, nearly everyone has emerged as a content publisher. After all, even a 10th grade student can create content, so everybody can do it, right?


Content can be created by everyone. However great content cannot be developed by everyone. What you need is professional expertise in content writing that transcend beyond words to offer the below benefits:

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Business Blogs – Make it Your Customer Acquisition Mantra

Business Blog Writing

In-bound marketing has gained significant traction over the last 3-4 years. This growth is mainly fuelled by quality content. One form of engaging with customers through content is by developing business blogs. Business websites usually have a dedicated blog page that aims to drive customer engagement through helpful content that seeks to resolve a particular need or answer a query. In the process they help readers move closer to sales closure and generate revenue. It is no surprise that more than 40% US companies using blogs as one of their marketing measures, given the kind of impact it has on bringing your customers closer to your business. Continue reading

Insanely Easy Tips to Propel your Blog’s Visibility

Increase blog visibilityContent is the key marketing weapon in helping an online business stand apart in an overcrowded competitive landscape. While many business owners and their marketing team work hard to create engaging content, they are often intrigued by the query – How to get readers for your content?

The ugly truth

More than 98% of the blog readers won’t be interested in your sales message propagation. They won’t even be interested to know what you do. What they will be most interested to know in a blog is

What is in it for them?

Yes, this is the stark truth that content production agencies and their clients need to understand. If your content revolves round this query, it has better chances of consumption. Having established this essential need, lets now look at various ways in which you can build your readership base and get improved visibility for your blog –

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