How to Make Content Strategy Effective for Your Brand

Staying visible in the digital world is not the ultimate successful KRA. The success of any brand’s digital marketing strategy depends on how valuable the visibility is for the target audience so that they reward you with conversion and sales. Any good SEO content writing company will vouch that this depends solely on the quality of the content that you present on multiple online platforms. This can happen when a content developer creates a sound content strategy that goes beyond the search engines and get appreciation on multiple platforms.

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To Be A Writer Or An Editor – Know Your Calling

The content writing activity involves a series of steps to eventually result in higher visibility for customers. There are various processes that go behind creation of every piece of content and it is not just the effort of the writer that is behind each one of them. There is also an editor to check for the quality of the draft before it is published. These two form the backbone and there is no way any successful writing will emerge without these two. But, what is the difference between being a writer and an editor?

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5 Advanced Forms of Content for Insane Conversions

Summary – You observe that there is significant traffic to your website/blog. But does your website contain intriguing content that simply fascinates the reader and pique their interest, prompting them to come back again for more?  If no, then this blog is just for you.

Reading time – 6-7 mins

Who is it for – Internet marketing agencies, content writing agencies, Digital marketing companies

Creating content is easy. But tailoring the content to be uunique fresh, insightful, and attractive at the same time? Now that’s real talent. But what does it really entail to create content that increases your readership?

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5 Benefits of Long-form Content

Summary – See why long-form content is a good strategy to drive conversations and engagement with customers. These benefits will prompt you to incorporate long-form content in your marketing plan.  

Reading time – 5-6 mins

Who is it for – content marketing agencies, content writing agencies, online business owners

Long-form content is often perceived as a tiring task upon the reader and widely misunderstood for ‘lengthy content’. But the truth is far from it. There is a subtle yet colossal difference between the two. While lengthy content doesn’t serve any purpose to the reader, long form content contains a rich source of in-depth information meant to help readers with their specific problems.

Whether it’s a story, a press bit or even a customer review, long-form relevant content is proven to be more palatable and profitable for content marketers. Here are few benefits to show why long-form content weighs more than short formats.

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5 Types of Landing Pages that Use Content to Convert

Summary – Interested to see the types of landing pages that provide the stimulus for the visitor to stay and move closer to your conversion goals? Here are a few flavors of landing pages that use content to enable a spike in your site traffic graph.

Reading Time – 5-7 mins

Who is it for – Digital marketers, web developers, internet marketing agencies, and website owners.

 Still wondering why your business visibility lacks the wow factor you were hoping for? Or are you troubled by the stagnant growth even with professional grade content writing? Turns out that all you might need is a landing page that is innovative and engaging at the same time.

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4 Black Hat SEO Content Techniques That Poison Your Site’s Google Rankings

Summary – Black hat SEO strategies not only harms your page rankings but Google makes it difficult to recover later. See if any of these black hat techniques are being implemented in your website, and act promptly to remove these immediately before it further damages the ranking signals of your website.  

Reading Time – 5 min

Who is it for – Internet marketing companies, website owners, digital marketing companies, and content writing companies.

With the rapid proliferation of smartphones and internet, it is no surprise that every business wants to acquire a substantial user base through the online ecosystem. This lucrative market also means that a lot of businesses are targeting your customers, thus heating up the competition. The biggest winners are those who have first page rankings that have the biggest likelihood of sales conversion. With every business eyeing the coveted top page ranking, it becomes hard for website owners to maintain their Google Page Rankings.

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