Is Your Business In Need Of Content Writing Services?

In the evolved world of digital media communication, the way brands are communicating with their target customers and clients have changed drastically. Social media communications, user generated content, and communication through multiple public and mobile platforms have together shifted the power baton into the hands of the consumer. They have the power of information now.

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Common Grammar Check Misses to Avoid in Website Content Writing

A well-written unique content that passes all grammar and spelling checks has become the norm for the online ecosystem. However, it is surprising that many writers still find it difficult to manage this elementary step in professional website content writing services. This factor keeps your content from performing to its maximum potential. Whether you call them glitches or bugs or technical issues, the fact remains that you need to get rid of these if you are to ensure high performance using website content writing services. This will also avoid additional time and resource utilization to ensure that the content generated is fit for publication.

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GST and its impact on content writers in India

“I don’t have a GST number. What do I do? Can I continue working for you?” This is a common lament amongst freelance content writers in India with the advent of GST. With large scale confusion spread across the nation, it is a common doubt for content writers in India. Even clients of content writing services are confused. Should they award work to an unregistered freelance writer? Should they compulsorily need to request GSTIN from freelance writers before providing them projects to work on? What happens to on-going writing projects in the interim?

In order to eliminate all doubts around content writers and GST, here is a quick post.

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Content Writing for Healthcare Marketing: The Why’s And How’s

Summary – How should content writing for healthcare deliver value with easy to understand language and engrossing content? Read this blog and find out.

Reading time – 4 mins

Who is it for – digital marketing agencies serving the healthcare industry, healthcare business owners, content writing agencies serving the healthcare industry

The healthcare sector is undergoing a massive transformation. From treatment procedures to medical technologies, there has been a lot of change in the medical world. Leading hospitals and medical facilities are trying their best to offer exceptional services and treatments to patients. Whether it’s general care or intensive care units, innovations have brought about massive changes.

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Content Marketing Vs. Advertising: Who’s The Big Winner?

Summary – If you are a brand owner you would be contemplating which medium you need to take for online promotion of your brand. Explore why content marketing is emerging above advertising as a revenue driver

Reading time – 4 mins

Who is it for – Brand owners looking to do online promotion, digital marketing agencies

The world of marketing, branding and advertising has evolved significantly in the recent years. With the rapid proliferation of digital and mobile, marketing has undergone a metamorphosis. Traditional modes aren’t prevalent anymore, and every business organization is warming up to the concept of content marketing.

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Interactive Content – The Poster Boy of Digital Marketing In 2017

Summary – Explore the world of interactive content. Take a look at how it can be developed and how it takes user engagement to an altogether new level.

Reading time – 5 mins

Who is it for – Web developers, digital marketers, content writers

A lot has been said, done, and heard about the importance of content and its significance in digital marketing. Engaging copies are more than groups of words. They create a comprehensive and crystal clear picture of an idea or concept, thus helping you take your thoughts across sectors and people. Today, however, a brand utilizing interactive content is engaging far better than with static content. Think survey forms, calculators, or any microsite where the site visitor will key in some detail and will get some results or answers. This is interactive content.

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