Content Marketing Vs. Advertising: Who’s The Big Winner?

Summary – If you are a brand owner you would be contemplating which medium you need to take for online promotion of your brand. Explore why content marketing is emerging above advertising as a revenue driver

Reading time – 4 mins

Who is it for – Brand owners looking to do online promotion, digital marketing agencies

The world of marketing, branding and advertising has evolved significantly in the recent years. With the rapid proliferation of digital and mobile, marketing has undergone a metamorphosis. Traditional modes aren’t prevalent anymore, and every business organization is warming up to the concept of content marketing.

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Why Content Marketing is A Better Alternative to Advertising

Summary – It is not necessary to depend solely on advertising to connect your brand with total strangers and enable sales. Content marketing will drive the same outcomes but only at a fraction of the costs. How? Read on!

Reading Time – 5 mins

Who is it for – Online marketing agencies, digital marketing agencies, content writing agencies, online business owners.

Why get listed in search engine results? An average of 694,000 searches are made on Google each second and it makes sense to index your website so you can generate meaningful leads. And there are two ways you can get listed in search engine results, namely, organic, and paid results. But search engines are designed for the user more than so for the advertiser. So whether your website comes up in the search results or not depends on the landing page, its content, and its relevance to the user.

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How to Get Started with Outsourcing your Content Writing

Summary: This blog takes a look at the very next step after you have decided to outsource content writing. It covers internal content strategy and right kind of briefing to make the outsourcing exercise successful

Reading duration: 5 mins

Who is it for: Online Marketers, CEOs, Digital Media Agencies

Today’s digital ecosystem and the reach of internet across the world has led to several specialized services to come up for achieving specific KRAs. Be it social media marketing, SEO, or content writing, these industries exist for a specific need.

Challenges of an in-house content team

If we talk about content writing, many businesses would invest in keeping an in-house team. However the challenges in this operational model are immediately visible.

  • The talent sourcing, hiring, and retention process is a massive HR drain
  • The QA process needs to be built from scratch and many a time it will be on a trial-and-error basis, which can prove to be a costly option for startups and SMEs.
  • The responsibility of workflow efficiency and continuous process improvement too needs the attention of senior leadership
  • What happens when there is an influx of volume bigger than your internal capacity?


Imagine if all these valuable resources’ time and efforts (senior leadership, HR) were suddenly freed up to focus on core business strategies and growth options?

This is the biggest USP of outsourcing your content writing needs.

By outsourcing your content writing needs, you ensure that you continue getting the same high quality work, but at a fraction of the cost

Statistics show that 76% of the companies will increasingly focus on content marketing. This means that there will be renewed focus on content writing. As the focus on content creation intensifies, it will be difficult to keep the increased volume in-house. This calls for getting the right partner in content writing services to align to your performance and quality expectations.

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4 Tips To Master The Art Of Doing Backlinks In Wikipedia

Thanks to its reputation as the largest and most reliable digital encyclopedia in the world, Wikipedia has emerged as a highly effective marketing tool for content marketers. Whether it is for information or SEO, the site continues to serve as one of the best resources for garnering visibility through content marketing and content writing.

However, marketers and content writing companies often face issues while doing backlinks on Wikipedia. Content marketers need to understand that it’s not just enough to add external links to relevant contents. There are quite a few factors worth noting, and one wrong move can lead to severe outcomes.

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Planning to make your content viral? Use these tips

If you are a content marketer, making your content go viral will be a core KPI. However, this is easier said than done. Quite unlike other ‘in- your- face’ marketing strategies, content marketing does not target direct sales. It aims at initiating conversations with your target audience and keeping them engrossed, thus taking your sales objectives forward, but in a subtle way.

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Interesting Content Distribution Strategies to Improve Your Blog Traffic

No matter how compelling your content is, if no one sees it, then what’s the point? Content will work for you, only if visitors come to your site. Chances it will work better is when people start recommending your content to others. The challenge here is this – “How does one decide which distribution channels will give you more eyeballs and help get the content shared ahead?”

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