Copywriting and the ‘Rule of Three’

Summary – Take an in-depth look into the rule of three when developing creative content, ad copy, or sales persuasive copywriting

Reading time – 4 mins

Who is it for – Creative content writing agencies, copywriting agencies, and media and advertising agencies

If you can recall some of the most popular stories, fairy tales, and moral fables prevalent in your childhood, you will surely come across a highly interesting fact. From the ‘Three Little Bears’ and ‘The Three Musketeers’ to ‘Three Little Kittens’ and ‘Three Little Pigs,’ the number ‘three’ has an inevitable presence in all these stories.

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I will Develop my e-Book content within 30 Days

ebook-blogYes, we start this blog with a positive thought. But just like other positive things in life, this thought needs commitment and taking little steps a day, to build an eventual positive outcome. Developing an e-book is no different. Many authors may get a bit rattled at the thought of investing significant time in developing an e-book. With the scale of research and constant collaboration with client involved, content producers may not be absolutely thrilled at the prospect of developing e-book. Continue reading

Smart Use of Content Marketing to Boost Sales

In the right hands, content marketing can be a potent tool that really enhances business value and boosts sales. Smart and creative use of content marketing lets you harness the power of well-crafted content in bringing in customers, and enables you to use audiovisual medium in a productive way to communicate with people so as to increase conversions and revenue. There are a number of things content marketing can do for your business, and studying these facets can really help you in your endeavors.

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