Why Telling Stories through Copywriting Is a Smart Marketing Strategy

Miami based Jason Peugh always wanted a reliable way of connecting with his digital audience. He has been trying multiple styles in copywriting, but couldn’t successfully establish a meaningful connection with this online audiences. Then he started adding stories of real life instances and connected it with the point he was making in his blogs and articles. He saw an immediate impact in impression and shares for his blog.

The above story highlights the importance of storytelling in copywriting

Why is storytelling important?

Weaving in a story into the content establishes a personal relationship between the company and the reader, leading to better engagement and higher potential of conversion. Human psychology states that people tend to absorb and remember stories much better than facts and stats. More attention is paid towards stories, and they are remembered much better.

Not only do people understand stories, they also like them. Storytelling in copywriting allows brands to effectively present concepts to their audience and form a connection that goes ahead of products or services.

storytelling through copywriting

How it will impact your target audience

The reason for creating a website and including marketing techniques like blogging is to engage your target audience. Your aim is to convince users that your products and services are much better than the competitor’s products. If this technique is successful, the audience is more likely to purchase your products/services. With that being said, storytelling in copywriting adds emotion to written content, thus engaging the user more into your brand.

The stories that are told on your website should be such that it implements itself in the customer’s mind forever. The best way of telling a story through the digital marketing platform is to add it to your blog content.

Implementation of storytelling in copywriting

Think of storytelling as a written word and make use of props, visuals and videos to add a touch of emotion to your story. Visuals will help implant your vision in the reader’s mind and will hold his attention for a longer time.

Brands that have successfully implemented this theory

Famous brands like Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola and Johnnie Walker use the storytelling techniques to promote their business and have been pretty successful at that strategy. The advertisements of these companies are a huge success because they tell a story while advertising so it doesn’t seem too pushy. People hate when an advertisement is too pushy so storytelling in copywriting is a welcome change to viewers.

creative-storytelling ideas in copywriting

How to incorporate storytelling in copywriting?

People are attracted to stories from an early age. That is why parents also use this technique to teach kids values and manners. Stories have the ability to capture the user’s attention from start to end, making this method much more successful as compared to other methods of marketing.

Given below are a few ways brands can tell a story effectively:

  • Go personal:

The best way to get into the heart of the consumer is to tell a personal story, maybe of what motivated you to think of starting the company or the vision and mission you had when you thought of starting up the business. This way you get your story into the minds of the customer and they may get inspired by your story, thus engaging them more into the brand.

  • Share a business story

This is another way to expose a deeper and personal side of your brand to the customer. Tell them your business story. What motivated you to start the business, how did you manage to build your business from scratch, what factors motivated you to launch your business in that certain field of expertise, etc. You can also mention what your business does for its consumers. Let customers know how your brand will impact their lives

  • Ways in which the product can help

It’s beneficial for your brand if you talk about how the purchase of this product will impact their lives for the better, thus building trust and credibility for your products and services.

  • Consumer narrative

This is one of the most effective storytelling methods. All you need to do is take original customer reviews and project it as a success story. This builds more trust as the users are reading what existing customers have written about you, thus convincing them further to purchase the products/ services.

To wrap up

Thus, storytelling in copywriting has the scope of bringing about a revolution in digital marketing. It has a unique way of communicating as well as advertising for the customers without being too pushy. If brands adopt this policy, they will achieve far more success as compared to traditional techniques.



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