Watch Out… For these Top 4 Content Marketing Trends in 2015

Top 5 Content Marketing Trends in 2015

When content writing services, publication and content distribution are planned strategically, it helps marketers draw in readers and engage them to close sales better. The insights, approaches and methods adopted by the content marketing sector will help you decide whether your 2015 content endeavors are well thought out and apt for today’s times. So, here we present 2015’s hottest content marketing trends.

a. Business investment into content marketing will increase…significantly – We have already witnesses an ever-increasing budget allocation to content marketing in past 3 years. This trend is likely to continue in 2015, given the immense potential content marketing has in generating engaged sales prospects.

The 2015 B2C Research by Content Marketing Institute shows that 69% of marketers are creating more content as compared to just one year back. This increase and Google’s mandate on relevant and long form content also ensures that it is now more difficult to get hold of good quality content writing service providers such as Textuar Communications.

b. Content distribution needs as much attention as content publication – As per Altimeter Group Content Marketing Survey 2014 report, only 26% of businesses are actively invested in content distribution. While content creation and publication is important, content distribution is equally critical to garner enhanced visibility.

The short attention span and wide array of content resources now available to the average user means that we need to enable a planned distribution of content in 2015. Some ways to achieve this is by getting your content optimized for mobile and SEO or reaching out to influential communities, groups, companies or individuals.

c. Ignore social media at your own peril – When 94% marketers agree that social media is imperative to their content marketing strategies, there’s absolutely no way it can be ignored. Make sure that in addition to content writing services and content publishing, do invest time for social media sharing.

This increase in content distribution on social media ecosystem will be a key trend of 2015. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the favorites to bring in organic visitors and extend the coverage of their content.

d. Ads with content – With banner ads rendered ineffective by better native ads, marketers will focus more on advertorials, branded content, paid ads and sponsored ads. New York Times and Forbes have already gone ahead with native ads with their online presence. It’s high time we too did the same.

Subtle advertising content embedded within content is now a preferable medium than unashamed propagation of products and services. Content writing service providers, publishers and advertisers will need to work in tandem to provide a seamless experience towards this new approach.

Do comment and let us know if you have made any of these a part of your content marketing plan for the new year.

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